Getting Started


We start by qualifying the client who is interested in our Rent-to-Own program.  The qualification process works similarly to how a bank would qualify someone for a mortgage including verifying income, debt, job tenure, credit score, etc. We are often slightly more conservative than banks when deciding how much house our clients can afford as we want to be as confident as possible that our clients can qualify for bank financing when the Rent-to-Own term ends.   

How Our Program is Different

This is where our program stands out and is an improvement over traditional rent-to-owns.  Unlike traditional rent-to-owns where the tenant settles for a home that someone else already owns, our program allows our clients to choose the home of their choice; a home that they will love.  We aim to offer our clients choices, not a lack of options.  

After we decide that our client qualifies for our program and submits their signed Intent to Occupy document, we set them up with our realtor in the area.  Now comes the exciting part: Our client gets to go shopping for their dream home!  As soon as our client decides on a home and it clears inspection, we purchase the home and start the Rent-to-Own program.  It is at this point where we accept the initial option payment from our client and sign the lease option agreement.  

Our Commitment 

Clients come to us because they want to own a home and the reason they approach us and not the banks is because the banks, for one reason or another, will not approve our clients for a traditional mortgage.  Often, this is the result of their credit.  It could be poor credit or no credit due to health issues, recent bankruptcy or divorce, new to Canada, and numerous other reasons.  

Our focus is to get you, our client, into owning your own home in as short a time as possible.  In addition to finding you a home, the other feature of our program is to prepare you to be approved by the banks for a mortgage by the end of the rental term.  We will introduce you to one of our trusted credit repair specialists to get you back on track with your credit.  We will also personally sit down with you every 3 months to ensure that everything is going as planned and be there whenever you have questions or need help.  We will be with you every step of the way on your journey to home ownership!

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