What We Offer

We offer our partners opportunities to grow their net worth, improve their returns, all while reducing their risk via real estate investments.  We accommodate investors at any level of investing experience.  Whether you're a novice or an expert, wish to be hands-off or like to get down and dirty, we can tailor an opportunity that's right for you. 

We know that you want a safe, solid return on your investment.  That is why we have created a portfolio of properties that cater to a well-paid, stable segment of our population: young professionals.  We specialize in high quality, well-appointed, suited rentals in newer, growing neighbourhoods close to schools and other amenities.  

Our investments provide great cash flow opportunities and excellent returns on average of 15% per year to our partners.  

Our Commitment to Our Investors

By investing with us, not only will you get the benefit of excellent returns but you also reduce your risk.  As a joint venture partner in any investment, Obsidian Real Estate Solutions will be responsible for half of all expenses in the investment.  That being said however, with our excellent cash management strategies, our partners rarely have to contribute anything more than their initial investment.  You can sleep well knowing that whether it be good times or bad, everything is taken care of.  


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