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What is a Rent-to-Own?
Rent-to-Own is renting with the option to buy. Simple as that! You lease the home from us and then purchase it later at a predetermined date and price. This will give you time to clear up any past credit issues.

How is it different from renting?
The main difference is that you as the tenant has the option to purchase the home at the end of the rental term at a pre-set price that was agreed upon at the beginnng of the rental term.

Who is Rent-to-Own for?
Rent-to-Own programs are beneficial for those who want to own a home but cannot get bank financing. This may be due to bad credit, no credit, new to Canada, divorce, identity theft, bankruptcy, etc. Our program allows the client to get into their home now while they build up their equity and improve their credit at the same time.

What if the house price is higher at time of purchase than what is on the lease?
If the house price happens to be greater than the agreed-upon price when it comes time for our client to purchase the house, the client still has the right to purchase at the agreed-upon price. Any gains in the equity is the client's to keep!

What if the house is worth less at time of purchase than what is on the lease?
If the real estate market has dropped when the lease is up and the home is worth less than was was agreed upon in the contract, the owner has to sell you the home at the lower price as determined by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) appraisal.